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How far can your money go? For as little as $30, you can support a school child. Your money will purchase books, shoes and uniforms .While Government run primary grade schooling doesn’t charge students entry fees, the poorest families still struggle with costs for uniforms, school materials, shoes etc....


This is a major stress for families who can barely afford food, let alone extras for schooling their children. It is a sad fact that many children go to school with inadequate equipment tattered uniforms and shoddy footware. In many cases in these poorer areas the children simply stop going to school due to shame and insecurity.


High school age children, require $20 a month to enable them to receive the education they need to step into a career.



Sponsor an Elderly person.  In other developed countries, the elderly are usually cared for by family, or given care in specially built hospitals or nursing homes.


In Bali, the elderly don't receive a pension, and in most cases are left alone to fend for themselves. And a trip to see a Dr. and medications are luxuries hardly anyone can afford yet alone the elderly. 


For as little as $50 a month, you can provide basic food and sanitary needs to aid an elderly person to live the remainder of their life with some dignity.



Your donation no matter the size will go a long way to better the lives of those in need. Please give what you can, if you can afford it please tick the box that allows for a regular monthly donation from you, this will ensure that your help will be ongoing.  

Read more on our Facebook page : 

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If you have a donation of dried or canned foods, clothing, bedding or other goods, these can be delivered to our drop off point in Sanur:

Please contact us if you have clothing or other items you wish to donate.



We have many "big ticket" projects in need of corporate sponsorship and backing, including: fresh water treatment plants, community shower and toilet blocks, and evacuation shelters to name just a few.


A major item on our wishlist is our own small delivery truck. At the moment we hire transport to conduct our 200klm round trip donation runs to north Bali.


If your company or corporation can help please contact us via email : HERE

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